10 off 50

Online Grocery & €10 off €50 Vouchers

Shrink your bill at the till

Get €10 off €50 on your big shop online with our Shop & Save grocery vouchers.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a valid voucher! When you shop online, €10 off €50 vouchers will be automatically applied at checkout, once the qualifying spend amount is reached (up to the value of €150, excluding alcohol).

When you shop in-store, your valid vouchers will be applied when you present them at the till using our app or your paper receipts.



Find your bill breakdown on the ‘Review Cart’ and ‘Checkout’ pages


The green bar shows how close you are to receiving your next €10 off €50 voucher.

This example shows €150 as the next target since 2 Vouchers (2 x €50 = €100) have already been reached.

Use the right arrow to see how close you are to receiving the maximum three €10 off €50 Vouchers.


Cart Summary:
The total number of items that are in your cart.

Cart Total:
Total before Savings & Promotions, €10 off €50 Vouchers and the Service Fee is applied.


Savings & Promotions:
Valid offers such as ‘3 for 2’ or ’25% off’ that you have availed of.

€10 off €50 Vouchers:
In this example 2 Vouchers have been applied as the cart is over €100 after any Savings & Promotions and before the Service Fee.


Order Value:
Cart Total minus Savings & Promotions and €10 off €50 Vouchers.

Service Fee:
The delivery fee for your chosen delivery slot.

Total (Estimated):
Your estimated order total. The final total charged is not calculated until your order has been picked and charged in store prior to delivery. Find more information on why your order has an estimated price, here.

10 Off 50 FAQs

What are €10 off €50 Vouchers?

Our iconic €10 off €50 Vouchers help you save on your final bill. For every €50 you spend, €10 will be deducted. So, your shop worth €50 will only cost you €40, likewise your shop worth €100 will only cost you €80. €10 off €50 Vouchers will be applied up to the value of €150, excluding alcohol and the Cook with Neven Maguire Cookware collection.

How do I receive €10 off €50 Vouchers online?

You will receive your paper €10 off €50 Vouchers with your order receipt when it is delivered.

How do my €10 off €50 Vouchers get deducted from my Dunnes Stores Online Grocery bill?

We will automatically apply new €10 off €50 Voucher(s) to your order. Since we don’t use your already earned valid €10 off €50 Vouchers, you are free to use them in-store.

Why did I not receive the €10 discount on my order?

Sometimes, if you do not allow substitutions and there are out of stock items in your order, the bill total will fall below €50 and therefore the €10 voucher will not apply. There are also occasions where a substituted item could cost less than than the original item which could see your bill total fall below €50.

Do €10 off €50 Vouchers work on the Dunnes Stores Fashion & Home website?

€10 off €50 Vouchers do not apply to Dunnes Stores Fashion & Home and can only be used with your Dunnes Stores Grocery shop.



Offer excludes clothing, footwear, homewares, café, alcohol (does not affect non-alcoholic items), tobacco, medicines, infant milk formula, lottery products, checkout bags, savings stamps, gift vouchers/cards, & mobile top-up & items purchased for resale.

Voucher(s) can only be accepted at time of transaction.

Voucher(s) can only be used provided the specified minimum amount has been spent on items from the department(s) specified and in a single transaction.

If qualifying items are returned, thereby reducing the value of the original transaction to below the qualifying threshold the value of the corresponding voucher(s) will be deducted from the refund unless the voucher(s) issued in the original transaction are returned at the same time.

Copied, damaged or defaced vouchers will not be accepted.

These voucher(s) are and shall remain at all the times the property of DUNNES STORES.

Voucher(s) cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional voucher offer.

Validity dates are displayed on voucher and cannot be honoured once expired.

No change given.