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Sonnentor Organic Whole Black Pepper 55g, €3.59

Pepper Black whole, organic<br/><br/><b>Further Description</b><br/>Worth its weight in gold?<br/> In the Middle Ages pepper was considered a common currency. Turn on the heat!<br/> <br/> We Austrians are pretty direct: Direct trade, as equals - all around the world.<br/><br/><b>Lifestyle</b><br/>Organic<br/><br/><b>Pack Size</b><br/>55g &#8494;<br/><br/><b>Storage Type</b><br/>Ambient<br/><br/><b>Storage</b><br/>Store in a cool and dry place.<br/><br/><b>Preparation and Usage</b><br/>Goes well with:<br/> Pepper adds momentum to slowly grinding mills. Grind the spice fresh on all the dishes that like it hot salads, meat, vegetables and desserts.<br/><br/><b>Company Name</b><br/>Sonnentor GmbH<br/><br/><b>Company Address</b><br/>3910 Sprögnitz 10,<br/> Österreich.<br/><br/><b>Web Address</b><br/><br/><br/><b>Return To</b><br/>Sonnentor GmbH,<br/> 3910 Sprögnitz 10,<br/> Österreich.<br/><br/><br/>

Sonnentor Organic Whole Black Pepper 55g
Sonnentor Organic Whole Black Pepper 55gOpen product description