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George Foreman Fit Grill Small, €27.95

<b>Further Description</b><br/>Up to 3 Years&#x27; Guarantee†††<br/> †††2 year guarantee + 1 when you register online at;product-registration within 28 days<br/><br/><b>Features</b><br/>Versatile: Suitable for Cooking Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Even Sandwiches and Paninis<br/><br/><b>Storage Type</b><br/>Ambient<br/><br/>Country of Origin - China<br/><br/><b>Company Name</b><br/>Spectrum Brands (UK) Ltd.<br/><br/><b>Company Address</b><br/>Fir Street,<br/> Failsworth,<br/> Manchester,<br/> M35 0HS,<br/> England.<br/><br/><b>Web Address</b><br/><br/><br/><b>Return To</b><br/>UK &amp; Ireland:<br/> Spectrum Brands (UK) Ltd.,<br/> Fir Street,<br/> Failsworth,<br/> Manchester,<br/> M35 0HS,<br/> England.<br/><br/><br/>

George Foreman Fit Grill Small
George Foreman Fit Grill SmallOpen product description

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