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Rachel's Organic Traditional Divine Rice Puddings 2 x 150g, €2.19

Traditional Creamy Rice Pudding<br/><br/><b>Further Description</b><br/>To discover their full range of products, their heritage and more please visit<br/><br/><b>Features</b><br/>Organic<br/>Faithful to Nature<br/>Made with Organic Milk &amp; Cream<br/>Traditional Creamy Rice Pudding<br/>Great taste 2020<br/>Delicious Eaten Hot or Cold<br/>Suitable for vegetarians<br/><br/><b>Lifestyle</b><br/>Organic<br/>Suitable for Vegetarians<br/><br/><b>Pack Size</b><br/>150g &#8494;<br/><br/><b>Recycling Info</b><br/>Sleeve - Recycle<br/><br/><br/><b>Ingredients</b><br/>Organic <span style='font-weight: bold;'>MILK</span><br/>Organic Rice 10.4%<br/>Organic Sugar<br/>Organic Cream 5.3% (from <span style='font-weight: bold;'>MILK</span>)<br/>Organic Pasteurised Whole <span style='font-weight: bold;'>EGG</span><br/>Organic Rice Starch<br/>Sea Salt<br/><br/><b>Allergy Advice</b><br/>For allergens see ingredients in <span style='font-weight: bold;'>BOLD</span>.<br/><br/><br/><b>Allergy Text</b><br/>May contain Wheat (Gluten)<br/><br/><br/><b>Number of Units</b><br/>2<br/><br/><b>Safety Warning</b><br/>CAUTION - Product will be hot.<br/><br/><b>Storage Type</b><br/>Chilled<br/><br/><b>Storage and Usage Statements</b><br/>Keep Refrigerated<br/><br/><b>Storage</b><br/>Keep Refrigerated 1-5°C<br/> Use By: see top of pack<br/><br/><b>Storage Conditions</b><br/>Min Temp °C 1<br/>Max Temp °C 5<br/><br/><b>Cooking Guidelines</b><br/>Microwave - From Chilled - One Pot (850 Watt)<br/> Remove the foil lid completely. Stir, heat on full power for 40 seconds. Stir again and heat for a further 35 seconds. Stir before serving.<br/><br/><b>Company Name</b><br/>Rachel&#x27;s Dairy Ltd.<br/><br/><b>Company Address</b><br/>Aberystwyth,<br/> SY23 3JQ.<br/> <br/> c&#x2F;o 3030 Lake Dr,<br/> Dublin 24.<br/><br/><b>Return To</b><br/>Rachel&#x27;s Dairy Ltd.,<br/> Aberystwyth,<br/> SY23 3JQ.<br/> <br/> Rachel&#x27;s Dairy Ltd.,<br/> c&#x2F;o 3030 Lake Dr,<br/> Dublin 24.<br/>

Rachel's Organic Traditional Divine Rice Puddings 2 x 150g
Rachel's Organic Traditional Divine Rice Puddings 2 x 150gOpen product description

Dunnes Stores Organic Italian Tiramisu 300g, €4.59

Organic Italian Layered Dessert of Savoiardi Lady Finger Biscuits Soaked in Coffee Syrup, Covered with a Mascarpone Cream Finished with a Cocoa Dusting<br/><br/><b>Features</b><br/>Organic<br/>From Lombardy, Italy<br/>Suitable for Vegetarians<br/><br/><b>Lifestyle</b><br/>Organic<br/>Suitable for Vegetarians<br/><br/><b>Pack Size</b><br/>300g &#8494;<br/><br/><b>Usage Other Text</b><br/>Number of Servings Per Pack: 4<br/><br/><b>Usage Count</b><br/>Number of uses - Servings - 4<br/><br/><b>Recycling Info</b><br/>Film - Not Yet Recycled<br/>Sleeve - Widely Recycled<br/>Tray - Widely Recycled<br/><br/><br/><b>Ingredients</b><br/>Mascarpone Cream (77%) [Cream* (<span style='font-weight: bold;'>Milk</span>), Full Fat Mascarpone Cheese (Cream* (<span style='font-weight: bold;'>Milk</span>), Acidity Regulator: Lactic Acid), Whole <span style='font-weight: bold;'>Milk</span>*, Raw Cane Sugar*, <span style='font-weight: bold;'>Eggs</span>*, Skimmed <span style='font-weight: bold;'>Milk</span> Powder* Maltodextrin*, Ethyl Alcohol (1.4%)*, Tapioca Starch*, Thickener: Agar Agar*]<br/>Savoiardi Lady Finger Biscuits (11%) [<span style='font-weight: bold;'>Wheat</span> Flour* Sugar*, <span style='font-weight: bold;'>Eggs</span>*, Raising Agents: Sodium Carbonates, Ammonium Carbonates; Natural Flavourings, Salt]<br/>Coffee Syrup (11%) [Water, Raw Cane Sugar*, Liquid Coffee Extract*, Ethyl Alcohol * (4.6%)]<br/>Cocoa Powder* (1%)<br/>*Organic Ingredients<br/><br/><b>Allergy Advice</b><br/>For allergens, including Cereals containing Gluten, see ingredients in <span style='font-weight: bold;'>bold</span>.<br/><br/><br/><b>Allergy Text</b><br/>May also contain Nuts and Soya.<br/><br/><br/><b>Storage Type</b><br/>Chilled<br/><br/><b>Storage and Usage Statements</b><br/>Not Suitable for Home Freezing<br/>Keep Refrigerated<br/>Keep Flat<br/><br/><b>Storage</b><br/>Keep Flat<br/> Keep Refrigerated 0°C to +4°C.<br/> - Consume within 2 days of opening and by &#x27;use by&#x27; date.<br/> - For &#x27;use by&#x27; date, see top of pack.<br/> - Not suitable for home freezing.<br/><br/><b>Storage Conditions</b><br/>Min Temp °C 0<br/>Max Temp °C 4<br/><br/>Country of Origin - Italy<br/>Packed In - Italy<br/><br/><b>Origin</b><br/>Produced and packed in Italy<br/><br/><b>Company Name</b><br/>Dunnes Stores<br/><br/><b>Company Address</b><br/>46-50 South Great George&#x27;s Street,<br/> Dublin 2.<br/> <br/> Store 3,<br/> Forestside S.C.,<br/> Upr. Galwally Rd.,<br/> Belfast,<br/> BT8 6FX.<br/><br/><b>Return To</b><br/>Dunnes Stores,<br/> 46-50 South Great George&#x27;s Street,<br/> Dublin 2.<br/> <br/> Dunnes Stores,<br/> Store 3,<br/> Forestside S.C.,<br/> Upr. Galwally Rd.,<br/> Belfast,<br/> BT8 6FX.<br/>

Dunnes Stores Organic Italian Tiramisu 300g
Dunnes Stores Organic Italian Tiramisu 300gOpen product description

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