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A.Vogel Eye Drops Moisturising 10ml, €18.20

<b>Features</b><br/>For dry, irritated, tired eyes<br/>Suitable for contact lens users<br/>Eyebright (Euphrasia)<br/>No preservatives<br/>Suitable for vegans<br/><br/><b>Lifestyle</b><br/>Suitable for Vegans<br/><br/><b>Pack Size</b><br/>10ml &#8494;<br/><br/><br/><b>Ingredients</b><br/>Hyaluronic Acid (1 mg/ml)<br/>Euphrasia Officinalis (Eyebright)<br/>Sodium Chloride<br/>Boric Acid<br/>Disodium Tetraborate Decahydrate<br/>Water<br/><br/><b>Lower Age Limit</b><br/>Advisory - Years - 12<br/><br/><b>Safety Warning</b><br/>Keep out of the sight and reach of children.<br/><br/><b>Storage Type</b><br/>Ambient<br/><br/><b>Storage</b><br/>Store between 8 - 25°C.<br/> Use within 6 months of opening. Do not use after the expiry date.<br/> Use before end: see top of carton.<br/><br/><b>Storage Conditions</b><br/>Min Temp °C 8<br/>Max Temp °C 25<br/><br/><b>Preparation and Usage</b><br/>Dosage and use<br/> Adults: 1 drop in each eye 4-5 times daily. The drops can be used for a maximum of 30 consecutive days. If your symptoms persist for more than 3 consecutive days without any improvement, or get worse, or if eyes become inflamed, you must contact your optician or healthcare professional. Children from the age of 12 years: 1 drop in each eye 1-2 times daily.<br/> <br/> A. Vogel Moisturising Eye Drops can be used by children over 12 if it has been established by an optician or healthcare professional that their eye problems do not require a different, medical treatment.<br/> <br/> Read the package leaflet before use.<br/><br/><b>Company Name</b><br/>Bioforce (UK) Ltd<br/><br/><b>Company Address</b><br/>Irvine,<br/> KA11 5DD,<br/> UK.<br/><br/><b>Telephone Helpline</b><br/>0845 608 5858<br/><br/><b>Web Address</b><br/><br/><br/><b>Return To</b><br/>Bioforce (UK) Ltd,<br/> Irvine,<br/> KA11 5DD,<br/> UK.<br/> Contact the A.Vogel Helpline on 0845 608 5858<br/> [email protected]<br/> Visit<br/><br/>

A.Vogel Eye Drops Moisturising 10ml
A.Vogel Eye Drops Moisturising 10mlOpen product description

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