Dunnes Stores

Deposit Return Scheme – Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) Vouchers


€0.15 per 150ml – 500 ml container
€0.25 per 500ml - 3 litre container


    1. Customers who shop groceries in store should present their RVM voucher at the beginning of the transaction. Once the voucher has been used in a qualifying transaction, that voucher will become redeemed in full.
    2. Customers who wish to redeem their vouchers for cash can do so. Cash refunds are available only at designated customer service desks.


    1. RVM vouchers can be used in-store only for cash or payment towards groceries.
    2. RVM vouchers cannot be used for payment for textile products.
    3. RVM vouchers cannot be used against online purchases for either grocery or textile products, or for products purchased through the Buymie App or Buymie Express service on the Dunnes Stores’ app.
    4. Voucher(s) can only be accepted at time of transaction.
    5. Copied, damaged or defaced vouchers will not be accepted.
    6. Dunnes Stores bears no liability for lost, stolen, damaged or defaced vouchers.
    7. These voucher(s) are and shall remain at all the times the property of Dunnes Stores.
    8. "RVM voucher" and "voucher" refers only to vouchers issued from Dunnes Stores RVM’s.