How do I use an e-gift card?

You can access and save your e-gift card in 3 ways:

  • Simply click on the link in the e-mail you received and the e-gift card will populate
  • Save the e-gift card as a PDF on your phone or
  • Print off the e-gift card or
  • Add to your google or apple wallet on your phone or
  • Add to your Dunnes Stores App

How do I use a physical gift card or e-gift card online?

During checkout on (Fashion & Home) or (Grocery) select gift card as your payment type. When prompted, enter the card number and pin and complete your purchase.

If the total order value is less than the value of the physical or e-gift card then the balance remain on the card and can be used for future purchases(unless expired).

Keep hold of your physical gift card or e-gift card for future use.

Order payment can be a combination of gift card and credit or debit card payment.

How do I use an e-gift card in store?

To use an e-gift card in store, simply show the cashier the e-gift card on either your phone or on a printout. Hover the e-gift card barcode over the checkout scanner for approximately 3 seconds.

Is my gift card activated for use?

Physical gift cards purchased in store are active for use immediately following purchase.

Physical gift cards purchased online on are auto activated for use in store 2 working days following purchase for security reasons.

E-gift cards purchased on are redeemable from the time a recipient receives and opens their e-gift card.

Corporate gift cards require the ordering company to self activate on

How can I check the balance on my gift card?

To check your gift card balance Click Here then enter the 19-digit Dunnes Stores Gift card number and the 4 digit pin and click Submit.

On a plastic gift card, the 4 digit pin/security code can be found on the reverse of the card next to the gift card number under a peel or scratch off panel.

What will happen if I return an item purchased with my gift card?

Customers returning items in store or to (Fashion & Home) and (Grocery) will see the refund returned to the physical gift card or e-gift card used to pay for the item.

Please always retain the physical gift card or e-gift card confirmation email/SMS used to purchase online or in store as any refund will go back onto these cards.

Does my physical gift card, e-gift card or paper voucher expire?

Physical gift cards are activated in store at the time of purchase and are valid for 5 years.

Physical corporate order gift cards purchased on are self-activated by the ordering business and valid for 5 years. E-gift cards purchased on are valid for 5 years following purchase.

Where can I use my Euro or UK Pounds gift card?

Euro plastic and e-gift cards can be redeemed in Republic of Ireland stores and used as payment for all delivery countries available on (Fashion & Home) and (Grocery) where the purchase currency is Euro.

UK Pounds plastic and e-gift cards can be redeemed in Northern Ireland stores and used as payment on (Fashion & Home) where the purchase currency is UK Pounds (GBP).

Can I get my money back if I want to return my gift card or voucher?

There are no cash returns on gift cards or vouchers purchased in store. Please note that to cancel your online gift card purchase, you may do so within 14 days from the date that the card(s) were received by you. Please refer to Clause 8 of our General Terms & Conditions for details on how to cancel an online gift card order during a Cooling Off period. Please also see our Gift Card Terms & Conditions.

Can I get my change in cash when I make a purchase with a gift card?

The balance of your purchase will be added to a gift card/ e-gift cards for future use.

Any change from paper vouchers will be added to a gift card. Remaining balances less than €1.00/£1.00 will be paid in cash.

Can I get my money back if my gift card or voucher is lost, stolen or damaged?

Your gift card or voucher is like cash, so please treat it carefully. Lost or stolen gift cards or vouchers will not be replaced and we accept no liability for any remaining balance.

Do I earn VALUEclub points when I purchase or use a gift card?

VALUEclub points are earned when a customer uses a Dunnes Stores Gift Card to pay for items online or in store. For paper vouchers, points can only be earned on in-store purchases.

For this reason, customers are unable to earn VALUEclub points when a gift card or voucher is purchased initially.

I sent my e-gift card to the wrong e-mail address, what can I do?

If you sent an e-gift card to the incorrect e-mail address, you can contact our specialised customer service team by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone +353 1 5822946 or +44 800 0868129.

A customer service agent will cancel the card that was sent to the incorrect e-mail address and re-issue an e-gift card to the correct e-mail address if unused.

What do I do if my e-gift payment won’t process when checking out on the e-gift website?

If there are any issues please contact our specialised customer service team, hosted by our partner BuyATab, by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone +353 1 5822946 or +44 800 0868129 or by email on [email protected].

How will the charge for the e-gift card appear on my bank statement?

The transaction on your bank statement will contain the text "Dunnes Stores e-gift".

Who are Stored Value Solutions (SVS UK Ltd) or BuyATab?

While the e-gift card transaction starts on the Dunnes Stores site, Dunnes Stores e-gift cards are provided by our trusted partner, Stored Value Solutions (SVS UK Ltd.) or their affiliate company BuyATab. By purchasing an e-gift card you are agreeing to the SVS UK Ltd. Privacy Notice and our Terms and Conditions which can be viewed here.

Why must I provide an alternative form of payment when paying with a gift card online?

An alternative form of payment (credit / debit card) is taken so that in the event that the gift card(s) provided does not cover the order balance the alternative form of payment will be used.

How are refunds processed?

When a gift card has been used all refunds for that order will be returned to the gift card.