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Marigold 20 Latex Disposable Gloves M/L, €4.49

<b>Features</b><br/>Great grip &amp; sensitivity<br/>Excellent fit and good grip<br/>Powder free - so no powdery residue left on hands after use<br/><br/><b>Number of Units</b><br/>20<br/><br/><b>Safety Warning</b><br/>This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.<br/> <br/> For minimal risks only<br/><br/><b>Storage Type</b><br/>Ambient<br/><br/><b>Storage</b><br/>Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.<br/><br/><b>Preparation and Usage</b><br/>Not recommended for use with fatty or oil based substances.<br/> Do not use with harsh chemicals. For single use.<br/> <br/> Retain this packaging for future reference.<br/><br/>Country of Origin - Malaysia<br/><br/><b>Origin</b><br/>Made in Malaysia<br/><br/><b>Company Name</b><br/>FHP LP<br/><br/><b>Company Address</b><br/>OL16 2AX,<br/> UK.<br/><br/><b>Trademark Information</b><br/>A brand of Freudenberg<br/><br/><b>Telephone Helpline</b><br/>0345 769 7356<br/><br/><b>Web Address</b><br/><br/><br/><b>Return To</b><br/>Our Promise<br/> We&#x27;ve worked hard to make our products truly special. So, if, for any reason, they don&#x27;t get you singing as you work, send them back to us.<br/> FHP LP,<br/> OL16 2AX,<br/> UK.<br/> UK Careline Tel: 0345 769 7356<br/><br/><br/>

Marigold 20 Latex Disposable Gloves M/L
Marigold 20 Latex Disposable Gloves M/LOpen product description
€4.49€0.22 each

Killeen Handies Gloves 100 Pack (Medium), €9.99

<b>Features</b><br/>Multi-use - Food Prep, Gardening, Pets and Paint&#x2F;Oil<br/>Latex Free<br/>Ultra Fine<br/><br/><b>Number of Units</b><br/>100<br/><br/><b>Safety Warning</b><br/>Caution<br/> Avoid direct contact with solvents.<br/><br/><b>Storage Type</b><br/>Ambient<br/><br/><b>Preparation and Usage</b><br/>Applications<br/> Suitable for kitchen use, food contact, cleaning, shoe polishing, gardening, painting &amp; other delicate jobs.<br/><br/><b>Company Name</b><br/>Killeen Household Products<br/><br/><b>Company Address</b><br/>Drogheda,<br/> Co. Louth,<br/> Ireland.<br/><br/><b>Telephone Helpline</b><br/>041 9870379<br/><br/><b>Return To</b><br/>Killeen Household Products,<br/> Drogheda,<br/> Co. Louth,<br/> Ireland.<br/> Tel: 041 9870379<br/><br/>

Killeen Handies Gloves 100 Pack (Medium)
Killeen Handies Gloves 100 Pack (Medium)Open product description
€9.99€0.10 each

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